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"Joy to knit" - a unique notebook for crafts.

The main goal of a "Joy to knit" notebook is to arrange your crafts notes. Its pages are systematically structured, so they are easy to review, and all the information about the started project is in one place. The notebook has a click opening system, so you can remove, insert, change pages.

Included in the notebook:
- table "Important dates in my life";
- table "My projects";
- table "My yarn stash";
- table "My repeat knits";
- wishlists for yarn and patterns;
- project template pages, so you can keep information about 28 projects (4 pages for each project);
- ruler for centimeters and inches;
- monthly plans for important milestones;
- useful charts for needles sizes and yarn weights;
- color inspiration charts;
- list of knitting abbreviations with instructions;
- a special yoga sequence for crafters to keep your muscles subtle, collaboration with yoga studio;
- many useful measurement tables and charts, e.g., yarn weights, ruler for yarn weight, women, men, baby and children sizes, sweater calculation proportions, measurement tables for socks, mitts, hats, and so on.
- 3 patterns from desiqner and

- cover design with illustration;
- hard covers;
- click opening system, easy to adjust pages;
- cover dimensions - 18 x 23,5 x 4 cm;
- page size - A5;
- in English;
- made in Latvia;

The colors in the images may differ from the colors of the product in real life.

JOY TO KNIT Leather knitting planner, notes and notebook journal

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